Democrats Hunt for Biden Alternatives as 2024 Worries Grow

There’s almost an amusing desperation among the Democrats as they scramble for a plan B in case President Biden folds before the 2024 race. With Biden’s performance proving to be a bit reminiscent of a late-night infomercial gone wrong, the chatter about potential replacements is gaining momentum. The Washington Examiner’s Kaylee McGhee White seems to think Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer could be the knight in shining pantsuit ready to rescue the Democrats, especially due to her so-called appeal to suburban women.

Whitmer, a political veteran who has somehow maintained reasonably steady approval ratings in Michigan, particularly among those who probably consider the Whole Foods barista their closest confidante, is now being floated as a prime candidate to step into Biden’s oversized shoes. It’s almost like a political soap opera – who will be the new star of this failing show? Other names being thrown into the ring include Governor Gavin Newsom, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Governor Wes Moore. But let’s not kid ourselves; even replacing Biden with fresh faces might not be enough to save the floundering Democratic ship.

Apparently, Whitmer can sway the suburban moms—this mystical demographic that Democrats think controls the electoral cosmos. White claims Whitmer’s focus on abortion rights is a major play to win these voters back. It’s as if the Democrats believe suburban moms have nothing more pressing on their agenda, like inflation, education, or crime, which they witness every day. And despite Biden’s popularity in the state sinking faster than a lead balloon, Whitmer’s numbers somehow haven’t nosedived quite as fast, making her the Democrats’ bizarre new hope.

Whitmer, however, isn’t quite on board with the idea of pushing Biden aside. It’s reported that in a phone call, she reiterated her unwavering support for Biden but also dropped the bombshell that Michigan is a lost cause for him. Just another day in the strange reality show that is the Biden administration. This revelation spells trouble for any hopes they have of securing the vital 270 electoral votes needed to win reelection.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign is trying its best impression of a failing sitcom desperately clinging to syndication, doing everything in their power to quell the calls for Biden’s replacement. The attempt to shield Biden from his own shortcomings, coming off something akin to a public display of degeneration, isn’t convincing anyone. Voters remember, and unfortunately for the Democrats, they don’t have a Men in Black-style neuralyzer to make people forget Biden’s performance.

Polls from Michigan show former President Donald Trump leading Biden with 49% to Biden’s 45%. Throw in the wild cards like Robert Kennedy Jr., and the numbers change a bit but still favor Trump. Trump is capitalizing on this momentum, driving home the message that Michigan residents want their jobs and country back, echoing the sentiments of many who are disillusioned with the current administration.

Despite the growing chorus for Biden to step aside, his family is adamant that they won’t let one disastrous debate define his presidency, drawing a rather peculiar comparison to Senator John Fetterman’s own debate misstep in 2022. The circus continues, with popcorn in hand, Americans watch as the Democrats scramble to patch up the sinking ship, one desperate replacement theory at a time.

Written by Staff Reports

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