Democrats in Disarray as Biden’s Future Teeters After Debate Flop

Congressional Democrats are desperately trying to keep a lid on what can only be described as a meltdown over President Joe Biden’s political future. Following an embarrassing disaster of a debate performance against former President Donald Trump, the left has gone into full panic mode.

Eager to squash any media circus, Democratic lawmakers have been using every ounce of self-control to downplay the discord since they hit the Capitol again. Still, it’s impossible to ignore the whispers and side-eye glances suggesting Biden might need to take a permanent vacation. Nearly everyone was tight-lipped after their caucus-wide powwow, but the tension was thicker than California smog.

Of course, there are always a couple of Democrats who just can’t resist the drama. Two new House Democrats boldly suggested Biden drop out this week, and then there’s Sen. Michael Bennet from Colorado, who’s so convinced of Trump’s impending victory, he’s practically laying out the red carpet for his return to the Oval Office.

But here’s where it gets interesting: despite earlier public tantrums, Democratic leadership has managed to herd their cats back into line – at least for now. Restraint is the name of the game, but make no mistake, the game is on. Dem senators scurried past reporters like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow practically bit the nose off anyone who dared to ask about their hush-hush meetings.

The Democrats’ decision to adopt a Soviet-style censorship on Biden criticism is telling. They’re terrified that any more public flailing could sink their already tottering ship. Sure, the White House is doing its best to send out “Mission Accomplished” vibes, but even they know they’re one gaffe away from a mutiny.

Yet, Biden is about as safe as a cat in a rocking chair factory. Lawmakers’ eyes will be glued to his upcoming NATO summit performance like it’s the Super Bowl. One more flub and the sound of knifes sharpening will be unmistakable as they prepare to throw him to the wolves.

Tuesday’s Democrat strategy huddle gave lawmakers a chance to vent their frustrations, with some even forecasting a Biden defeat in November. Leadership at the meeting stayed as neutral as Switzerland, with key figures, like Sen. Dick Durbin, putting on their best listener faces.

To put it mildly, the party is in chaos over Biden’s chances, and they’re all jittery over his next move. Meanwhile, House leadership is giving Biden support as lukewarm as a microwave dinner. Rep. Pete Aguilar’s “we’ll see” response to whether Biden is easing their concerns is about as comforting as a broken electric blanket.

Biden does still have some loyalists in Congress, notably among the black and Hispanic caucuses. They’re waving off his dreadful debate as an isolated incident, though the rest of their party is clearly quaking in its boots over deeper issues of cognitive decline.

The internal debate has spooked Democrats so much that they’re rethinking their entire campaign strategy. Forget the “Reproductive Freedom” hullabaloo; now it’s all about how to convince voters they’re not steering the country off a cliff economically. Senators like Bernie Sanders and Michael Bennet are shouting from the rooftops for a compelling economic message, while the rest of the party flounders in disarray.

Seems like the Democrats are in a state of limbo, waiting and watching, hoping their Captain doesn’t sink the ship before they can find someone else to take the helm.

Written by Staff Reports

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