Democrats Refuse to Protect Women’s Sports: Republicans Stand Up for Fair Play

The U.S. House of Representatives has finally voted to protect women’s sports, even though not a single Democrat voted in favor of the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act that passed in a 219-203 tally. Shockingly, 10 Democrats abstained from voting on this vital issue. They refused to acknowledge the need to end forced transgender participation in women’s sports, which makes a mockery out of fair play.

Democrat representatives dared to criticize Republicans for standing up for women’s sports. They accused the Republican Party of “bullying” and “belittling” transgender children. These absurd claims made by the Democrats were callously dismissive of concerns regarding women’s rights, which only hurts women athletes in the end.

Republican Virginia Foxx (R-NC) brushed off the Democrats’ comments, saying that Republicans simply want to secure the rights of girls and women in sports. She rightly stated that it is absurd that we have to fight for the basic rights of girls and women to compete on an equal playing field without being overpowered by biological males.

The Democrats’ endorsements of Biden’s rules will instigate changes that will not account for the hard-won rights women achieved in sports when Congress implemented Title IX in the 70s. Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), a key supporter of the bill, expressed his dismay with the Biden administration’s decision to overturn Title IX in favor of their trans idols, which is downright insane.

Recently, a transgender swimmer named Lia Thomas, who was a mediocre male swimmer, became a champion in the female division. Unsurprisingly, she voiced support for Biden’s proposed changes. On the other hand, former All-American swimmer Riley Gaines, who was compelled to compete against Lia Thomas and even tied with the biological male, spoke out against the administration’s plan.

Republican Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) praised the bill and Gaines before the House. It is time for the Democrats to stop playing games and start standing up for girls and women’s rights. This is a momentous victory for women’s sports, and we must do all that we can to safeguard it.

Written by Staff Reports

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