Dems at War: Biden’s Hamas Stance Sparks Internal Clash

In a shocking turn of events, it seems like the Democratic Party might be on the verge of a civil war. And what could possibly cause such a rift between the progressive members and the rest? Well, it all started when President Joe Biden had the audacity to call Hamas’ assault on Israel “unadulterated evil.” Can you believe it? Finally, some strong words from our president about this horrible act of aggression, and yet, other Democrats seem to have a different opinion.

Fox News, the one network that dares to tell the truth, reported that White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre slammed Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush for their repugnant remarks. Tlaib had the nerve to call Israel an “apartheid government” and blamed U.S. aid for the ongoing violence. Bush, in a similar vein, wants to end U.S. support for Israel and claims it’s the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace. It’s truly mind-boggling how these Democrats can turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Hamas and paint Israel as the villain.

But the drama doesn’t stop there. During a closed-door caucus meeting, things got heated. According to The Intercept, New Jersey Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer found himself in the middle of a tense argument. It all started when the topic of having Muslim clerics at Jewish events came up. Gottheimer allegedly made an off-color remark that sparked outrage among his colleagues. Some claimed that Muslim clerics felt guilty attending these events, to which Gottheimer allegedly responded with, “It’s because they’re guilty.” Now, I’m not one to stir the pot, but it seems like Gottheimer hit a nerve. Perhaps some Democrats need to reassess their allegiances.

Of course, Gottheimer’s spokesperson was quick to do some damage control. They stated that the remark was directed at certain members of the Democratic Party, not Muslims. But really, who can blame Gottheimer for feeling frustrated? He’s trying to hold his party accountable for not condemning Hamas terrorists, and instead of support, he gets accused of saying something offensive. It just goes to show that when you try to speak the truth, the left will twist your words and attack you.

It’s clear that the Democratic Party is in disarray. On one side, you have members like Tlaib and Bush, who refuse to acknowledge the evil of Hamas and demonize Israel at every turn. On the other side, you have representatives like Gottheimer, who are willing to speak out against terrorism and stand with our allies. It’s time for Democrats to do some soul-searching and decide which side of history they want to be on. Because turning a blind eye to evil should never be an option.

Written by Staff Reports

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