Dems in Meltdown: Mitch Claims Trump Threatens Kids’ Freedom!

A top Democrat bigwig, Mitch Landrieu, sounded the alarm bells on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” yapping about how if the oh-so-terrifying former President Trump gets elected again, our kiddos’ freedom will be in deep, deep trouble. Landrieu rambled on about how elections are all about choices, the past versus the future, and “values” (whatever that means). 

Then, Landrieu went full-on drama queen and dissed Trump’s entire existence. The dude basically accused Trump of being a selfish, power-hungry bully who’s out to crush everyone else. And he threw in a shout-out to the Republicans who are bagging on Trump, like Liz Cheney and those other old-timey GOP folks.

They’re all crying wolf about how our democracy and our kids’ freedom are at stake. Um, okay. Landrieu seems to think that everyone’s gonna rally behind Biden this time, mostly ’cause Biden has such an “incredible record” to run on. Wow, that’s some real interesting spin there, Mitch.


Written by Staff Reports

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