DeSantis Admits Iowa Oops, Vows Media Blitz Comeback!

After facing a second-place finish in Iowa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has come clean about his campaign blunders. During an interview with Salem radio host Hugh Hewitt, the GOP presidential candidate courageously admitted to the errors he’s made and his plans to rectify them as he charges forward in the race for the White House.

DeSantis kicked things off by highlighting the importance of having a robust media presence throughout the entire campaign journey. He confessed that he initially neglected this crucial aspect, realizing too late that he should have been all over the airwaves, making appearances on every corporate show and media platform imaginable. The governor acknowledged that he should have embraced this strategy right out of the gate, rather than waiting until the end of summer to roll it out.

In a bold move to salvage his media blunder, DeSantis proudly declared that he is now making up for lost time by being “everywhere.” From televised town halls to debating on WMUR and ABC in New Hampshire, he’s putting himself out there and connecting with voters firsthand. As he gears up for the New Hampshire primary, he noted that he’s the only one willing to engage in a debate, taking a not-so-subtle jab at both Biden and Trump for what he deems as their evasive campaign approaches.

But the plot thickens as DeSantis faces another obstacle in the form of Nikki Haley, who seems to be ignoring his presence in the race altogether. Brushing off DeSantis and confidently proclaiming that the contest is between her and Donald Trump, Haley has been making big moves, leaving DeSantis in her rearview mirror. With numbers currently putting him at 6 percent, trailing behind Haley’s 33.5 percent and Trump’s commanding 46.3 percent, DeSantis has his work cut out for him as he strives to make a formidable impact in the New Hampshire primary.

With his newfound commitment to media coverage and engagement with voters, Governor DeSantis is ready to go toe-to-toe with his opponents and climb his way to the top. As he faces off against Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, he remains steadfast in his mission to secure the Republican nomination and ultimately claim victory in the 2024 presidential race.

Written by Staff Reports

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