DeSantis Allocates $100M for Affordable Housing for Heroes!

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has made yet another smart move in his efforts to ensure affordable housing for working Floridians. Under the Live Local Act, the Republican governor has allocated $100 million to help police officers, healthcare workers, and teachers buy homes, among other initiatives.

DeSantis has been loud and clear about his vision to ensure that working Floridians are not driven away by rising housing costs and forced to drive hours to their workplaces every day. While speaking at a news conference, he made it clear that the government wanted people to be able to live in the same communities where they work.

This wise investment shows that the governor is on a mission to make sure that the people who serve the state’s communities at the frontline are well taken care of, especially in these trying times as the country battles the pandemic.

This has not just been a one-time investment; DeSantis launched the Hometown Heroes home assistance program back in June 2022, which provides down payment and closing costs for first-time homes, listing the vast majority of the $100 million from last year as already obligated.

Moreover, the Act provides incentives for significant private investment in affordable housing, which is an excellent way for working Floridians to meet their housing needs. Further, the Act bans local rent controls for better cost-saving efforts.

In light of Florida becoming an increasingly popular destination, this move shows that DeSantis is trying proactively to counteract the effects of high housing demand and Biden’s inflation in the state.

Under the Act, any developments that have been built within the last five years and have at least 70 affordable housing units for low and middle-income families will be exempt from property taxes. Additionally, those with units for those earning up to 50% of the area’s median income can also be exempt from property taxes.

This law speaks volumes about DeSantis’s leadership and commitment to ensuring that Florida remains the best state to live, work, and visit. The Live Local Act will go a long way to ensuring that Florida’s residents can live fruitful and productive lives by staying close to their workplaces and being affordable at the same time. Governor DeSantis has done it yet again!

Written by Staff Reports

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