DeSantis Assembles Vet Avengers to Crush Woke Military Madness

On Wednesday, the esteemed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a shining beacon of conservative values and charisma, announced the launch of a brand new coalition: Veterans for DeSantis. It’s like the Avengers, but with more patriotism and fewer CGI superheroes. This coalition, which will be officially launched in South Carolina on Thursday, aims to showcase DeSantis’ military service, differentiate him from the other Republican presidential candidates, and shed light on the problems plaguing our military today.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the launch preview video obtained by Townhall, the narrator began by reminding viewers of the values important to America’s veterans: patriotism, integrity, strength, and putting the country before oneself. These traits, unfortunately, seem to be in short supply in today’s Washington, where left-wing radicals are weakening our military readiness every day. It’s like a slow-motion scene from a bad action movie, but with less explosions and more liberals ruining everything.

But fear not! The narrator then proudly proclaimed that Ron DeSantis, the only veteran in the 2024 race, is here to save the day. He’s not just any veteran; he’s a veteran who served in Iraq alongside the legendary SEAL Team One and even earned a Bronze Star. If that doesn’t make you want to wave the American flag and sing the national anthem at the top of your lungs, what will?

The DeSantis campaign has assembled an impressive National Leadership Team for the coalition, featuring decorated veterans from all corners of our great nation. They understand the importance of having a Commander-in-Chief who truly comprehends the meaning of service above self. Representative Rich McCormick, himself a decorated USMC and U.S. Navy veteran, will spearhead the team. With over 20 servicemembers on board, all with their ranks, wars fought, and medals earned proudly displayed, this coalition means business.

Governor DeSantis has long made it clear that fixing our military is a top priority. He released his “Mission First” military plan back in July, which emphasized the urgent need to rid the military of its woke nonsense. It’s about time someone had the cojones to say it! In fact, DeSantis has been preaching the importance of a strong military consistently, from campaign rallies to media appearances. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks…no, sprints the walk with the swagger of a true leader who knows what it takes to protect our great nation.

And it’s not just talk, folks. DeSantis goes above and beyond to prove his commitment. In a July interview with CNN, he voiced his support for Senator Tommy Tuberville’s hold on military nominations and promotions in response to the Pentagon’s absurd abortion policy. Under the Biden administration’s plan, servicemembers and their dependents can receive paid time off for abortions, regardless of gestational age. It’s time to stand up for the sanctity of life and stop using our military as a social experiment lab. Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for having the courage to call out this madness.

Veterans for DeSantis is the latest addition to a series of coalitions launched by the DeSantis campaign, including Mamas for DeSantis, Law Enforcement for DeSantis, and DeSantis’ Faith and Family Coalition. It’s like a political superhero team-up to save America from the clutches of radical liberalism. Because let’s face it, without DeSantis and his unwavering support for Israel, and his efforts to bring Americans home from the Middle East, who knows where we’d be? Certainly not in a PG-13, family-friendly democracy.

So, my fellow patriots, join the Veterans for DeSantis coalition today and help us usher in a new era of patriotic leadership. Together, we can make America strong, secure, and free from the grips of left-wing radicals who would rather kneel during the national anthem than stand proudly for something greater than themselves. God bless America, and God bless Ron DeSantis!

Written by Staff Reports

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