DeSantis Drops Truth Bomb: Trump Must Earn Nomination, Not Dodge Debates

In a bold move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Donald Trump for not showing up at the first primary debate, which will be held in Milwaukee. DeSantis noted that the Republican Party needs to select a candidate for president, and all of them have to participate in the debates.

At a rally in Coralville, Iowa, Governor Ron DeSantis stated that he would not participate in any debates if he was not the nominee for the Republican Party. He also said that he believes Trump is afraid of his arguments.

During his speech, Congressman and candidate for Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis emphasized the importance of being able to articulate a vision for the future and defend one's record. He was also accompanied by his wife, Casey.

Although Congressman Ron DeSantis agreed to the RNC's loyalty pledge, Donald Trump refused to sign it, citing his high polling numbers as the reason for his decision. His absence from the debate caused controversy among the other Republican candidates.

As the campaign continued, Governor Ron DeSantis focused on his conservative agenda and claimed that Florida had transformed from being a swing state to a solid red one under his leadership.

For his campaign, Ron DeSantis stated that he decided to run for president due to his belief that the country is in decline. He said that managing this decline would not be an acceptable solution. He also vowed to hold Joe Biden accountable for his policies and claims that his agenda is about the people of the US.

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