Do-nothing Dems ditch debt talks for Memorial Day break, risking stock market crash!

The Democrats who don't do anything strike again! The House of Representatives went on a break for Memorial Day without agreeing on how to raise the debt limit. In her infinite wisdom, Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that the treasury could go over the debt cap by June 1, which could cause the stock market to crash and millions of jobs to be lost. Even so, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy thought about canceling the Memorial Day break, but in the end, he chose to give the lawmakers their break in less than 24 hours. This is exactly what's wrong with Congress: they never work and always take vacations.

The White House and the Democrats can't seem to understand the simple idea of spending, which has led to a big difference of opinion. North Carolina's Patrick McHenry told reporters, "These are tough problems that need to be solved." But of course it's the Democrats who want to go on vacation instead of passing the debt cap bill and getting things done.

By yelling at McCarthy for not keeping the lower house in session, House Democrats try to make their own selfish actions look like they make sense. They gave speeches about how they wanted to respect the American people, but really, all they want to do for Memorial Day is go home. How normal of them to put their own needs ahead of what the country needs.

McCarthy and President Biden are thinking about a deal that would raise the debt limit through 2024, despite all the chaos. Conservative Republicans, on the other hand, don't like this plan because they think it doesn't cut spending enough. Congress needs to put the people of the United States first and pass this debt cap bill before it's too late. We need work, not time off.

Written by Staff Reports

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