Don Lemon Blows Up Again, CEO Chris Licht Steps In

More details about the tension between Don Lemon and CNN have emerged following his behavior on the "CNN This Morning" show.

The sudden change in leadership at the outlet resulted in some of its members not being receptive to new ideas. Among those who did not embrace the changes was Lemon, who was removed from his prime-time slot only to prove that he was unwilling to compromise.

It was previously reported that a reporter had reportedly been "screaming" at Kaitlan Collins, who was allegedly disrupting his live broadcast. The incident reportedly left her visibly upset.

In January, CNN released an internal newsletter, which featured a story about Lemon's alleged feud with Collins. According to an insider, Lemon lost his mind after the story was published and went ballistic at the staff members.

According to the outlet, it was able to obtain a copy of the newsletter, which contained a link to an article about the tension between Lemon and CNN.

Details about the incident have now come out. As a result, Lemon and his partner Tim Malone reportedly went to Hollywood to attend the Grammy Awards.

A source close to CNN claimed that the network's CEO, Jeff Licht, was not happy with the performance of "This Morning." He reportedly felt that the show was not in the right place.

According to the source, Licht believed that the show needed to be improved. Since its debut, the viewership of the morning program has dropped by over 80,000 viewers. Around 20% of the audience has left the show. The insider noted that the show needs to be produced better in order to maintain its audience.

It was previously reported that an insider claimed that Lemon was a bossy individual who was difficult to work with. He also doesn't want to be in the group Destiny's Child.

A source close to Fox News Digital also claimed that Lemon was having a hard time working with Collins and fellow co-host Poppy Harlow.

Collins, on the other hand, was described as a more laid-back individual who was easy to work with.

Another source close to CNN claimed that the chemistry between Collins and Harlow was not the same as that of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, who were both fired from ABC.

A spokesperson for CNN dismissed these claims, saying that the three co-hosts of the morning program are still friends.

The morning program is reportedly looking for a new executive producer to replace Eric Hall, who was reportedly removed from the program in January. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Chris Russell, who is currently the producer of News Nation, was the leading candidate to replace Hall.

Whoever takes the role, it remains to be seen how they deal with Lemon’s ego.

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