Embassy ABANDONED In Sudan! Biden’s Foreign Policy Endangers Lives Again

It is becoming increasingly clear that President Joe Biden’s inept and dangerous foreign policy is putting American lives at risk. Over the weekend, the U.S. Embassy in Sudan was abandoned, leaving thousands of Americans stranded in the country as violence rages on.

Among those left behind is Trillian Clifford, a Massachusetts teacher, and her 18-month-old daughter Alma, who are now hiding from the sound of machine guns outside their apartment in the capital of Khartoum. It is utterly heartbreaking that the Biden administration would abandon its own citizens in a place where they are in danger.

This marks the third time the Biden administration has abandoned a U.S. Embassy since taking office in January 2021. The first was when the U.S. Embassy in Kabul was overrun by the Taliban during the disastrous and bungled exit from Afghanistan. Thousands of Americans are still trapped behind enemy lines.

The second was when the U.S. Embassy in Kiev had to be temporarily closed after President Biden failed to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. And now, Sudan.

All of these reckless decisions have put American lives in danger, and it is clear that the Biden administration is not capable of protecting our citizens. It is a stark contrast to the foreign policy of former President Trump, who managed to broker the Abraham Accords just before leaving office, which Sudan signed onto.

It is past time for the Biden administration to start putting America first and protecting our citizens abroad. The families of those stranded in Sudan are right to call for action, and we urge the administration to take immediate steps to bring them home safely. It is the least they can do for the Americans they have recklessly abandoned. We were warned about this, and now it is to the detriment of American lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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