Eric Trump Claims CNN Biased Against Trump in Upcoming Debate

Eric Trump, never one to sugarcoat, laid out the raw deal his father, former President Donald Trump, is facing in the upcoming presidential debate. This political showdown, set for Thursday, will pit Trump not just against Sleepy Joe Biden but also against CNN—the network that’s basically the Democratic Party’s mouthpiece.

In its infinite wisdom, CNN has picked Jake Tapper and Dana Bash to moderate. Let’s not pretend this will be an unbiased romp in the park. Eric Trump rightly pointed out that Jake Tapper has a history of treating his father like the Second Coming of a certain historical villain. This is the same Tapper who has allegedly thrown tantrums demanding Trump be silenced. Clearly, CNN will be as neutral as a referee picked by the other team.

Eric Trump made a solid argument on Fox News over the weekend. According to him, former President Trump won’t just be debating Biden; he’ll also be battling CNN’s blatant favoritism. Who needs a level playing field when the opposition can tilt the arena?

Joe Biden has been hiding out at Camp David for nearly a week to prepare for this debate. Nothing says readiness like a government-funded retreat. Meanwhile, the former President is skipping the cramming sessions. Eric Trump suggested that Biden’s extended preparation time doesn’t exactly scream confidence to the American public.

No notes, no audience, just raw debate. That’s the setup CNN has cooked up. Meanwhile, independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. didn’t make the cut, probably much to CNN’s relief, as managing two Republicans would have been a nightmare for them.

Former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway had some sage advice for Trump: let Biden ramble and fumble alone. Conversely, former Governor Andrew Cuomo wants Biden to channel his fleeting moments of coherence from his past State of the Union address. All in all, Thursday’s debate is setting up to be an epic duel, where one side may happen to be the referee too.

Written by Staff Reports

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