EV Road Test Reveals Harsh Truths About Electric Vehicle Utopia

Looks like the “electric utopia” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Despite the government’s hard sell on owning an electric vehicle (EV) – subsidies, a variety of models, and the alleged convenience of charging stations – reality paints a different picture. One automotive journalist decided to put the green dream to the test and discovered that the road to electrification is fraught with potholes.

In Wyoming, Aaron Turpen conducted a series of tests with some top-tier EVs: a Mercedes-Benz EQE, a BMW i4, and a Genesis GV60. Each of these luxury vehicles was taken to Electrify America chargers at Target parking lots in Cheyenne, and the results? Well, let’s just say any promise of convenience is as hollow as a spent battery.

Turpen’s experience with the Mercedes-Benz EQE highlighted how even sophisticated battery management systems could still result in sluggish and unpredictable charging times. He found it took 40 minutes just to bump the battery from 53 percent to 82 percent – far short of a pit stop at a gas station. Throw in a few more cars at the charging station, and speed slows to a crawl. Apparently, a good charging experience is about as rare as a unicorn sighting.

The BMW i4 had its own set of woes. Picture this: multiple attempts to establish a connection, only to face inexplicable disconnections. Another EV driver, facing similar frustrations, had to drive to another location. Furthermore, when Turpen did finally get a charge, he found that a 70-minute session still failed to max out the battery. The high price tag of over $50,000 didn’t translate to a hassle-free experience – it was more akin to hoping your dollar will stretch an extra mile, knowing full well it won’t.

The Genesis GV60 didn’t fare much better. While the first charging attempt went relatively smoothly, subsequent efforts revealed more flaws. Faulty connections, unresponsive plugs, and a myriad of technical issues turned what should be a straightforward process into an irritating goose chase. The promise of a quick and dependable charge proved to be as reliable as a career politician’s pledge.

Even the so-called “fast chargers” from Electrify America couldn’t live up to their name. Users reported problems ranging from non-functional plugs to subpar charge speeds. Despite Biden and Buttigieg’s best efforts, the goal of a comprehensive, dependable charging network is still a pipe dream.

This entire charade begs an obvious question: imagine if gas stations were this unreliable. The automobile industry would have never taken off. At this rate, any claim of EVs being the future of transportation seems laughably overblown. The coastal elites and bureaucrats are pouring taxpayer money into a fantasy that simply doesn’t hold up when tested in real-world conditions in America’s heartland.

So the next time someone pushes the green agenda, remember Aaron Turpen’s experience in Wyoming. EVs may very well continue to be a frustrating and expensive experiment rather than the miracle solution their proponents so desperately want them to be.

Written by Staff Reports

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