Ex-DHS Insider’s Far-Fetched Trump Mercenary Tale Defies Belief

The ex-DHS official, Miles Taylor, who’s known to be a Never Trumper, is making some wild claims about President Donald Trump. In a report by The Daily Mail, Taylor spouted off about how if Trump got re-elected, he would form his own private army. I mean, come on! Can you imagine Trump leading a bunch of mercenaries? It’s like something out of a cheesy action movie!

According to Taylor, while he was working for the administration, Trump supposedly wanted to create his own little army within the U.S. military. He was all inspired by Vladimir Putin and his Wagner group in Russia. But hey, Taylor also claimed that he managed to stop those conversations by telling Trump it wasn’t such a hot idea.

And get this – Taylor has even written a book about his time working for Trump and anonymously trashed him in a New York Times article. It seems like he’s just trying to stir up trouble and get his name out there in the media.

But it doesn’t end there! Now, with Trump gaining serious momentum in the Republican party, Taylor is trying to paint a scary picture. He’s saying that if Trump becomes the nominee, he’s gonna come after his enemies. It’s like he’s painting a picture of a villain in a comic book.

On top of all that, NBC News is getting all worked up, saying there are “fears” in the national security establishment that Trump would use the U.S. military for his own political gain. I mean, seriously? These folks are really letting their imaginations run wild on this one.

It’s all just a bunch of wild speculation and rumor-mongering. It’s like they’re so afraid of Trump that they’ll believe anything negative about him, no matter how crazy it sounds. But hey, that’s just politics for you!

Written by Staff Reports

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