Ex-Israeli PM Slams CNN for Peddling Hamas Propaganda!

In a recent incident near a Gaza hospital, it has been determined by Israeli, European, and American intelligence services that the explosion was caused by the terrorists themselves. Islamic Jihad’s rocket attack misfired, leading to this unfortunate event. However, Hamas, always quick to spread propaganda, concocted a completely false news story, claiming that the explosion was the result of an intentional Israeli strike that resulted in hundreds of deaths. In reality, the death toll was much lower, between 10-50 casualties, but the media, including CNN, irresponsibly propagated the terrorist’s lies, depicting a scene of widespread carnage.

It is truly mind-boggling that CNN and other outlets are still refusing to acknowledge the truth, instead suggesting that there may be some ambiguity to the situation. What ambiguity? The other side consists of terrorists who are using this incident to incite protests across the Muslim world, gathering together their usual allies who have always sought to destroy Israel. Let’s not forget that this Muslim night of rage endangered innocent lives, with angry protesters besieging American embassies in Baghdad and Beirut.

Thankfully, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was there to set the record straight and expose the media’s game during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Bennett dismissed the notion of “two sides” when it comes to the hospital incident, pointing out that there is no room for debate. Either Israel is responsible for bombing the hospital or someone else within the Palestinian side targeted it. It’s as simple as that. He even provided overwhelming evidence to support Israel’s position, including multiple videos from different angles, ballistic evidence, and admissions from Hamas officials confirming Islamic Jihad’s involvement.

Despite this, Cooper attempted to maintain a semblance of balance by suggesting that CNN has reported on Israel’s claims as well as the backing from the U.S. intelligence community. But Bennett, rightfully so, called out the absurdity of this approach by drawing a parallel to the 9/11 attacks. He pointed out that if al-Qaeda had claimed it was America responsible for the attacks, no one would have cited them as a trustworthy source. The same logic should apply here. Bennett expressed his frustration with the double standard and the lack of validation given to Israel’s side of the story.

It’s disheartening to see the global media, including The New York Times, sensationalizing the Palestinians’ baseless claims. They conveniently overlook the horrifying acts committed by Palestinians, such as rape, limb mutilation, and the murder of innocent individuals, including babies. It’s about time the media starts holding the Palestinians accountable for their horrific actions instead of perpetuating their false narratives.

Written by Staff Reports

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