EXPOSED: Chief of Staff for Manhattan DA Caught Hating on Trump – is Justice Being Compromised?

Jordan Stockdale, the Chief of Staff for liberal Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, has been caught red-handed showing his true colors: as a Trump-hating, leftist extremist. The shocking discovery that Stockdale was endorsing tweets calling for the impeachment, removal from office, and future prevention of Trump from holding public office again has many Conservatives deeply concerned.

This revelation should ignite questions regarding Stockdale and Bragg’s ability to perform their duties impartially. But we all know that liberals love playing dirty and cannot resist the urge to go after Trump if given the opportunity. And now, it seems we have proof.

Republicans have claimed that the Left’s witch hunt against Trump was nothing but political drama aimed at their political opponent, without any reasonable cause. Stockdale’s apparent bias only confirms this theory. It’s shameful and appalling to see leftist officials in power, trying to destroy the reputation of a duly-elected president through malicious tactics.

Screenshots revealed that Stockdale was liking comments from Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and many other left-wing members that were bashing Trump on Twitter. This shows the depth of his radicalization in terms of his willingness to attack a former president, even though he no longer holds any public office.

Despite the backlash from conservatives and the seriousness of the allegations against him, Stockdale has chosen to hide. He has since deleted his Twitter account and his profile page is no longer available on the Manhattan District Attorney’s website. This is yet another example of liberals running away when their deeds are exposed.

Jordan Stockdale has shown his true colors and has proven that he’s a typical, partisan Liberal who cannot be trusted. It’s time to wake up to the reality that liberals cannot act objectively and fairly; they’ll always play dirty to gain an advantage over their political opponents.

Written by Staff Reports

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