Father Sues LA County Over Toddler’s Fentanyl Death, Citing DCFS Negligence and Border Crisis

The tragic death of 17-month-old Justin Bulley from a fentanyl overdose has brought forth a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) by his father, Montise Bulley. The lawsuit alleges that DCFS failed in its duty to protect Justin by leaving him in the care of his mother and grandfather, despite their well-known history of substance abuse and criminal activities.

Montise’s legal action seeks $65 million in damages, pointing out that Justin died under the watch of a DCFS social worker who was present in the home at the time. The family’s attorney, Brian Claypool, criticized the DCFS in Lancaster, calling attention to the mother’s criminal record, which included incidents such as shooting a gun into an occupied dwelling and various arrests related to drugs and DUIs. 


The lawsuit highlights the concerning environment Justin and his siblings were placed in, with instances like the mother’s boyfriend dying of an overdose in front of the children, and Jessica’s own substance abuse issues. Notably, the social worker assigned to the family, who was a friend of Jessica’s, allegedly abandoned the children when Justin ingested the drugs and was in distress.

Beyond the specific tragedy of Justin Bulley’s death, this case sheds light on broader issues. It underscores failures within California’s child welfare system, where proper vetting of social workers and protection of children seemed to fall short. Moreover, the prevalence of fentanyl in the United States, exacerbated by the border crisis, adds another layer to this tragic event. The porous border has allowed for a surge in fentanyl trafficking, contributing to the opioid crisis that continues to claim lives across the country.

In the wake of Justin Bulley’s untimely death, questions arise about the accountability of government agencies like DCFS and the Biden administration in addressing these systemic failures. The lawsuit serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to rectify these shortcomings to prevent more tragedies like Justin’s from occurring in the future.

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