Former DHS officials slam Biden’s “pathetically weak” troop deployment

Former Trump-era Department of Homeland Security officials are criticizing Joe Biden’s plan to deploy 1,500 troops to the southern border, saying that it is “pathetically weak,” “too late,” and that it only affirms his open border policies. The troop order is nothing but an insignificant show of non-force that will do nothing amid “Joe Biden’s open border policies,” former Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told the Daily Caller, adding that it only gets “more open” with the removal of Title 42.

The southern border has previously experienced record-breaking numbers of migrant encounters during the Biden administration, and Biden DHS officials warned about the potential to experienced even more. Biden’s troops will mostly handle “administrative tasks” and won’t be interacting with migrants, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated.

Former acting secretary of the DHS Chad Wolf denounced Biden’s “scramble” to send the troops. He argued that the order only proves that “the administration still does not have a coherent strategy more than 27 months into the humanitarian and security crisis their policies created.”

The troops are coming “too little, too late” for Americans, said Acting Deputy Chief of Staff for the DHS under Trump, Lora Ries, adding that it is coinciding with a “new optics problem” for the Administration. The order only makes a “showing” of enforcement when there is a focus on the high numbers of border apprehensions. Unfortunately, Biden’s call for 1,500 forces at the border is too weak for the Americans after over 6.5 million illegal apprehensions, and more than 1.4 million known got-aways, stated Ries.

During Donald Trump’s administration, thousands of troops were deployed to the border to support amid an incoming caravan of would-be illegal immigrants. Supporters of Biden’s administration have criticized the Trump Administration for sending troops, but Cuccinelli stated that troops should be deployed to block all crossings between ports of entry. The first job of the military is to stop America from being invaded. Still, Biden has invited this invasion by opening the borders to them, said Cuccinelli.

The Biden administration rebuked the Trump-era DHS officials’ criticisms, but it was clear they were not impressed. Anyone who ripped children out of their mothers’ arms or spent billions of taxpayer dollars on a useless wall that they couldn’t even finish in four years, let alone get Mexico to pay for it, doesn’t have much credibility to offer comment here, a Biden administration official told the Daily Caller. Cuccinelli hit back, saying the administration offered a “petulant response of a child who knows they have done wrong.”

“Joe Biden has intentionally made the walls useless by blocking the Border Patrol from doing their job while opening our borders,” Cuccinelli said. Ries said that the Biden administration is exploiting children for political power instead of preventing their dangerous and illegal immigration, and Wolf added that they are killing a generation of Americans through the fentanyl that is pouring across the open, unsecured border.

Written by Staff Reports

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