Former Israeli PM Rips Into Sky News Reporter Over Gaza Great Debate

Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett had a heated exchange with a Sky News reporter, Kamali Melbourne, regarding the electricity cuts to Gaza in preparation for Israel’s ground assault. Melbourne questioned Bennett about the impact on Palestinians in hospitals and babies in incubators. Bennett responded by emphasizing that Israel is not responsible for providing electricity and water to its enemies. He compared the situation to World War II, stating that when the UK and Great Britain were fighting the Nazis, no one asked about Dresden. Bennett criticized Melbourne for perpetuating a false narrative.

Bennett further explained that Hamas, as the governing authority in Gaza, should be held responsible for the welfare of its people. He suggested that international organizations could provide medical care in the Southern region of Gaza. Israel has already designated evacuation zones to minimize civilian casualties. Bennett emphasized that a terrorist group like Hamas cannot be allowed to use civilians as bargaining chips.

Melbourne’s questions were biased, aimed at portraying Israel as solely responsible for the welfare of Gazans, ignoring Hamas’s role as the governing authority. While civilian casualties are tragic, they cannot always be avoided in a war. Bennett stated that Hamas must release the hostages to regain access to electricity. Israel cannot be expected to stand idly by if Hamas refuses to take steps to save lives.

In this exchange, Bennett highlighted the need for a balanced perspective and the importance of holding Hamas accountable for its actions. He argued that Israel, like any nation acting in self-defense, should not be burdened with providing electricity to its enemies. The focus should be on minimizing civilian casualties while addressing the root cause, which is Hamas’s continued aggression.

Written by Staff Reports

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