Gaetz’s Bud Light Joke Stumps Leftist Reporter: See Her Shocking Reaction

In a refreshing display of wit, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida brought humor to Congress as he shared a Bud Light joke with an MSNBC reporter. Gaetz, along with other House members, voiced their strong opposition to the idea of prolonging the indecision following the removal of Kevin McCarthy by appointing Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry as a temporary leader until January 3.

During an interview, Gaetz playfully remarked, “Speaker Light is a bad idea, just like Bud Light.” Surprisingly, the MSNBC reporter couldn’t help but crack a smile at Gaetz’s lighthearted quip. Gaetz emphasized his preference for continuous voting, urging those hesitant to support Jim Jordan to consider their goals and objectives.

Employing the Constitution as his rallying point, Gaetz expressed his aversion to Speaker-light and Bud Light, stating firmly, “I believe it is a constitutional desecration to not elect a speaker of the House.” Gaetz emphasized the importance of electing a speaker and urged the House to swiftly move on if a candidate fails to secure enough votes. He emphasized that twisting and distorting the Constitution to empower a temporary speaker goes against its intended purpose and vowed to do everything in his power to prevent it.

Echoing Gaetz’s sentiment, Republican Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona noted that some House Republicans are driven by factional allegiances rather than personal objections to Jordan. He highlighted the concern among Jordan’s supporters that, by voting in favor of another candidate like Scalise, they would inadvertently deny Jordan the necessary support. Additionally, Republican Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina expressed her frustration with certain opponents of Jordan who seem more motivated by personal vendettas against Gaetz than by the needs of the American people.

Despite facing obstacles, Jordan remains determined to win support as he continues his campaign for speaker. He plans to engage in conversations with his colleagues, particularly those 20 individuals who voted against him, in order to move forward and work for the American people. It seems the battle for the speaker position is far from over, with each side fighting vehemently for their preferred candidate.

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