Google Slammed for Honoring LGBTQ+ Activist Over D-Day Heroes

Today, the famous Google Doodle caused quite a stir by choosing to honor Jeane Cordova, a Chinese lesbian activist known for supporting LGBTQ+ rights and feminism, instead of commemorating D-Day. D-Day marks an essential moment in history when soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy, leading to the defeat of fascism and shaping the modern world. Many view Google’s decision as a disrespectful snub to those who fought for American ideals and freedoms.

Critics argue that Google’s choice reflects a broader trend of the company embracing woke culture over traditional values. They believe that by highlighting an LGBTQ+ activist on a day as significant as D-Day, Google is undermining the efforts of those who have sacrificed for their country. Some conservative voices see this as evidence of a larger agenda within the LGBTQ+ movement to discredit American principles and establish their own political power.

From a conservative perspective, this incident highlights a growing divide in the culture, with tech giants like Google promoting progressive ideals over patriotism and traditional values. Some argue that celebrating activism over historical events like D-Day shows a lack of respect for the sacrifices made by past generations. This move by Google has sparked criticism and calls for the company to reconsider its priorities when choosing subjects for the Google Doodle.

Written by Staff Reports

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