GOP Demands $12B More to Counter China, Slams Biden’s “Inadequate” Funds

House Republicans are not holding back in their push for more funds for the Indo-Pacific in President Joe Biden’s supplemental funding package. They are not mincing words, calling the current funds “wholly inadequate.” In a bold letter to congressional leaders, the Republicans, led by House China select committee Chairman Mike Gallagher, demanded an additional $12 billion be allocated for the Indo-Pacific.

In their letter, the Republicans made it clear that they fully agree with Biden’s stance on the potential spread of conflict to the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East if Russia interferes with Ukraine’s independence. They argue that this is precisely why the resources dedicated to the Indo-Pacific in the administration’s proposed supplemental funding are insufficient.

The lawmakers are not just asking for more money for the sake of it. They laid out a detailed breakdown of how the additional $12 billion should be allocated. They requested an extra $10 billion to beef up the military’s preparedness for a possible conflict and an additional $2 billion to bolster America’s own military stockpiles to support Taiwan. Additionally, they urged Biden to reauthorize $650 million that is set to expire in fiscal 2023.

This call for increased funding comes hot on the heels of Biden’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, where tensions between the two nations were palpable. The Republicans emphasized the urgency of making substantial investments in the munitions industrial base to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to Taiwan.

The Republicans are not pulling any punches in their assertive demand for bolstered hard power in the Indo-Pacific. They firmly believe that by sending a strong message through increased military capabilities, they can effectively deter any potential aggression from the Chinese Communist Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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