GOP Legal Threats Loom if Dems Sideline Harris for Biden Replacement

In another twist of the political soap opera that is the Democratic Party, Tiana Lowe Doescher made waves on Wednesday by suggesting that Republicans could unleash the legal hounds if Democrats try to replace President Joe Biden with anyone other than Vice President Kamala Harris. Doescher’s commentary shook things up on Fox Business’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, where she expressed that swapping Biden for anyone besides Harris would essentially cheat the voters out of their chosen ticket.

It’s no secret that a growing faction of Democrats would love to see Biden step aside, especially after his trainwreck performance at last week’s presidential debate. The mention of anyone other than the designated VP filling Biden’s potentially empty shoes has Republican legal teams licking their chops, ready to argue that booting Biden off and bypassing Harris would be a direct snub to both legal protocols and voter preference.

Doescher threw fuel on the fire by musing that the Democratic Party might think about propping up a “miracle consensus candidate” before 2024. However, leapfrogging the first female, black, and Asian vice president could result in the mother of all backlashes. One wonders if the Democrats have completely detached from reality if they’re even considering such a politically bonkers move.

Former Democratic state senator David Carlucci blurted out that the GOP is way too hung up on Biden’s mental fitness, and hinted that it might backfire if Democrats do switch candidates. Of course, Doescher wasn’t buying it, arguing that younger voters would rally behind Trump, yearning for the economic stability under his administration. The debate got so heated that host Neil Cavuto had to jump in to cool things down.

The plot thickens as California Delegate Areva Martin threatened that black women, much like herself, would flip their lids if Harris doesn’t get the nod should Biden be ousted. Martin did make a contradictory claim that it’s too late to swap out Biden and advised Democrats to stick with their beleaguered captain. Stability and the Democratic Party – now there’s a match made in heaven.

Finally, even Trump himself chimed in late last year, astutely pointing out that Harris might actually be an improvement over Biden. When your political opponent is openly admitting that anyone, including your own VP, could do a better job, it might just be time to reconsider running the same tired ticket.

In the meantime, CNN polling data threw more chaos into the mix by showing Harris performing slightly better against Trump in hypothetical matchups than Biden did. According to their survey, she polled at 45% compared to Trump’s 47%, while poor ol’ Biden trailed with a humiliating 43% to Trump’s triumphant 49%. With a margin of error of 3.5%, you can bet the Democrats are going to be sweating bullets figuring out their next move.

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