GOP Rep Slams Media for “Pronoun Pandemonium”

In the latest twist of political theater, Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Good, head honcho of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, took a playful jab at the Daily Caller for having the audacity to notice something as trivial as pronouns in his staff’s LinkedIn page. Good was not having it and labeled the Daily Caller as “leftist” for calling out his deputy communications director, Abigail Angelos, who had the nerve to list her pronouns as “She/Her” on her bio. I mean, really? Is nothing sacred anymore?

According to insider whispers within the House Freedom Caucus, Angelos apparently jumped on board with Good since November 2023, not as her LinkedIn bio suggested back in February 2023. Heads turned when the Daily Caller blew the whistle on the pronoun predicament, prompting Angelos to swiftly hit the delete button on that gender pronoun mention faster than you can say “Liberty and Justice for All.”

Good didn’t hold back on expressing his exasperation, stating that he had enough of the media picking on his team, especially the younger ones just trying to make a mark in the ruthless world of politics. And who can blame him? It seems like no one is safe from the leftist snipers taking potshots at anyone with a whiff of conservatism these days.

Now, to add fuel to the fire, Angelos’ LinkedIn also hinted at a stint at Fox Corporation, raising eyebrows due to their past use of preferred pronouns when dealing with individuals identifying as transgender. The conservative backbone of the House Freedom Caucus might as well be sending shivers down the spines of the leftist snowflakes out there, with members like Chip Roy of Texas, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, and Jim Jordan of Ohio boldly standing against the woke agenda.

The moral of the story here? Don’t mess with the conservative cavalry, or you might just find yourself in a LinkedIn pronoun predicament faster than you can say “Trump 2024.” Keep your eyes peeled, folks – the battle for political correctness rages on, and the House Freedom Caucus is leading the charge for common sense and traditional values.

Written by Staff Reports

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GOP Rep Slams Media for “Pronoun Pandemonium”

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