GOP Rep. Stands Firm Against Biden On Religious Liberty

Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good is not backing down from his fight to protect religious liberties in the face of the Biden Administration’s assault on faith-based federal contractors. The Congressman is set to introduce the Congressional Review Act resolution that will roll back the discriminatory Biden Administration rule. He recently reaffirmed his commitment to protecting religious liberties, calling it one of the most fundamental freedoms enshrined in the First Amendment.

The Biden administration has been confusingly attacking religious liberty. In March this year, the Department of Labor rolled back a rule that formalized expanding the definition of religious liberty by the Trump administration in the preceding December. The Trump administration had expanded the description of religion, which includes “all aspects of religious observance and practice,” not just religious beliefs.

The Biden administration essentially returned the policy to the prior administration’s definitions. This action by the Biden administration comes as a surprise to many people, considering religious liberty’s importance in our country’s history.

Rep. Good’s resolution seeks to eliminate the Biden administration’s rule and restore the Trump-era definition, which protects religious liberties. Republican North Carolina Senator Ted Budd is also introducing companion legislation in the upper chamber to achieve the same goal.

Rep. Good has pointed out the critical role faith-based organizations play in our communities by helping to address social challenges such as substance abuse. However, it appears that the Biden administration has chosen to attack these organizations, weakening their right to access federal funding and practice their religion freely.

Rep. Good’s effort to protect religious liberties is critical in light of the Biden administration’s recent actions. It is essential to safeguard religious freedom for all Americans and protect faith-based organizations’ ability to pursue their missions that serve and benefit many of our communities.

Written by Staff Reports

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