GOP Torch Dems’ Disguised $118B Ukraine Giveaway, Save Border!

The Senate’s border bill was a total disaster, and it crashed and burned during Wednesday’s floor vote. Those crafty Republicans managed to block this farce of a border security bill. It’s been said that this bill is a disguise for a Ukraine war package, with the majority of the whopping $118 billion appropriation going to Kyiv and a measly $20 billion set aside to address the immigration crisis at our southern border.

This bill has all sorts of goodies for everyone except for hardworking Americans. It gives a pathway to citizenship for unvetted Afghan refugees, provides taxpayer-funded lawyers for migrants under 13, and hands out 250,000 new visas over five years. And if that wasn’t enough, it even grants permanent residency status for the children of H-1B visa holders. Talk about a slap in the face to American citizens who are just trying to make a living!

The so-called “provisions” to make it harder to claim asylum and speed up deportations sound nice, but they’re about as effective as a toothless bulldog. The additional funds for Border Patrol are not for enforcing immigration laws or deporting people, but rather to hire more people to process the claims. It’s like throwing a fancy band-aid on a gaping wound.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, has made the outrageous claim that Republicans want a border crisis to use against President Biden. Can you believe the nerve? And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he had the audacity to refer to illegal aliens as “undocumented Americans.” Give me a break!

The Democrats really outdid themselves in this bill, catering to their immigration extremists. The new visas and the granting of essentially permanent resident status to children of H-1B holders is all part of their scheme to weaken Republicans when they push for mass amnesty. It’s all a ploy to put a horde of illegals on the path to citizenship, which will undoubtedly make the spines of weak-kneed Republicans turn to jelly when the time comes. These sneaky tactics are nothing new, but they sure are infuriating!

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