GOP Unites as Biden Fumbles Israel Arms Deal, Signals Shift

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s comments about President Joe Biden’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas have sparked unity among Republicans, including “Never Trumpers.” Biden’s abrupt decision to suspend military arms shipments to Israel during a critical moment in the conflict has raised concerns and was described as a policy flip-flop by Johnson.

Johnson’s remarks about Biden’s decision being a possible “senior moment” have resonated within the GOP, with many seizing on this as evidence of the president’s cognitive decline. The GOP sees this as a major misstep by Biden and an opportunity to rally support for their cause. 


Furthermore, Biden’s decision has not only raised questions about his cognitive abilities, but it has also alienated some anti-Trump individuals who are now reevaluating their stance. John Schindler and Jonah Goldberg, both noted conservatives, expressed their disillusionment with Biden’s handling of the situation, indicating a possible shift in their support.

Overall, Biden’s actions have served to bolster the perception of him as a weak and inconsistent leader, driving a wedge between him and even those who have traditionally opposed Trump. This turn of events provides an opening for the GOP, as Biden’s missteps fuel the growing dissatisfaction with his administration’s policies.

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