Gov. DeSantis exposes leftist lies, debunks ‘book ban’ hoax in Florida schools

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) held a press event in Tampa to debunk the leftist activists’ deceitful claim that Florida’s schools cannot teach students about African American history, including topics like slavery. He made it clear that the “book ban” is a hoax propagated by the mainstream media, unions, and leftist activists who are using pornography as a tool for indoctrination.

DeSantis emphasized that the primary motive behind checking the books was the assurance that no pornographic content is available to Florida students at school. “Florida is the education state, and that means providing students with a quality education free from harmful materials that are not age-appropriate, sexualize our students and violate education standards.”

The Florida governor displayed examples of books gathered from 23 school districts across the state, emphasizing that the books were inappropriate for their grade level and, in many instances, pornographic or violent. Local news channels broadcasting the event had to cut away due to the over-sexual nature of the books showcased during the event.

Out of 175 books removed across the state, as per DeSantis’s office, 164 (94%) were removed from media centers, and 153 (87%) were identified as pornographic, violent or not age-appropriate, with the most removed being 19 in Duval and St. Johns Counties- not even close to a whole classroom library.

The governor made it unequivocally clear that Books and courses teaching African-American history have not been removed and have only recently been extended to the curriculum. “Exposing this ‘book ban’ hoax is essential as it discloses how some are trying to use our schools for indoctrination.”

Florida is a state that values education and provides its students with a quality education free from sexually harmful, pornographic, and inappropriate materials. Governor DeSantis pointed that this kind of industry needs to stop, and the media needs to cover news pieces on this topic responsibly, portraying factual information to the general public.

Written by Staff Reports

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