Graham Slams Biden Admin Over Halting Israel Military Aid Amid Conflict

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina criticized Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for the Biden administration’s decision to cut off military aid to Israel while they are fighting against the terror group Hamas. The Biden administration cited civilian casualties as the reason for cutting off aid, despite Israel offering ceasefire agreements and creating safe zones for civilians. Graham voiced his strong opposition to the decision, emphasizing the importance of supporting Israel in its fight against those who seek to harm the Jewish population in the region.

Graham expressed his frustration with the administration’s decision, highlighting the larger implications of withholding aid from Israel, which has been under attack by groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. He also criticized Austin for not recognizing Israel’s justified war of self-defense.

During a hearing on the defense budget, Austin admitted that aid shipments to Israel had been intentionally delayed per the president’s orders but then later backtracked, causing confusion among lawmakers. This incident further added to the frustration, as it reflected a lack of transparency and clarity from the administration.

Graham’s criticism of the administration’s decision reflects a larger concern among conservatives about the approach taken by the Biden administration in dealing with Israel and the broader Middle East region. The lack of transparency and the back-and-forth over aid shipments to Israel only serve to exacerbate existing frustrations with the administration’s foreign policy decisions.

Written by Staff Reports

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