Guess Who Destroys America’s Leading Anti-Corruption Advocate

According to sources, James O'Keefe may be stepping down as the chairman of Project Veritas. This comes after the release of a shocking expose about Pfizer’s mad science research.

Daniel Strack, the executive director of Project Veritas, reportedly told NYMag that O'Keefe would be taking a couple of weeks off. According to the article, the company's board would be discussing his future on Friday. They also talked about his alleged conflicts with other employees, such as Tom O'Hara, the former chief financial officer of the company, and Barry Hinckley, the former chief strategy officer.

In response to the media allegations, Project Veritas released a statement saying that their whistleblower and reporting activities would not be affected by any changes in leadership.

The statement released by Project Veritas stated that the organization has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years. The management and board of directors of Project Veritas are continuously looking into the organization's future to ensure that it is successful. They also stated that they will not give up on their supporters.

Over 65 staff members of Project Veritas are dedicated to investigating fraud, waste, and dishonesty in both commercial and public organizations. The organization also says that it will not give up on its supporters.

The organization learned about the unrest at a bad time, as they just revealed the biggest secret in Project Veritas' history regarding Pfizer.

In the expose released by Big League Politics, an official from Pfizer admitted that the company was secretly using COVID for risky experiments in an attempt to make money out of new vaccines.

According to the report, Jerdon Walker, who is the director of research and development for Pfizer's mRNA Scientific Planner, provided Project with disturbing hidden-camera footage.

In the footage, Walker was able to confirm to a Project Veritas reporter's claim that Pfizer was working on modifying COvid-19 in order to develop new vaccines.

During the interview, Walker stated that the company was looking into the possibility of modifying COVID-19 in order to create new vaccines. He also noted that modifying it could put the company at risk.

Walker noted that the idea of modifying COVID-19 was similar to the crazy science that Dr. Fauci approved and produced the lethal virus in 2020.

According to Walker, the company was looking into ways to improve the effectiveness of COVID-19 by modifying it. He noted that this method could help prevent another epidemic. However, he is not sure how it will work.

During the interview, Walker asked the Project Veritas reporter not to tell anyone about the details of the project. He also noted that the information he was sharing was top secret.

Walker also noted that the experiment would involve infecting monkeys with COVID-19 and then collecting serial samples from them.

He also noted that the company would need to use extreme caution in order to prevent the virus from infecting other people. He said that the sudden emergence of the virus defied logic.

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