Gunman Targets Places of Worship in Dagestan Rampage, Priest and Officers Killed

Looks like things in Dagestan, Russia took a turn for the worse as a gunman decided to channel his inner medieval raider and target places of worship and a police post. Because, clearly, a peaceful Sunday isn’t complete without an act of terror, right?

On a chaotic day, the shooter made rounds at not one but two synagogues, two Orthodox churches, and a police post—because why practice moderation when one can offend multiple faiths in one go? In Derbent, the once calm home to a Jewish community, this rampage has left the town reeling. As if this might soften the blow, TASS, Russia’s state-sponsored mouthpiece, confirmed that a 66-year-old priest was tragically found with his throat cut at one of the Orthodox churches—because nothing screams devotion like violence.

On the law enforcement front, two officers were killed, and at least six folks ended up as collateral damage in this senseless act. Banner day for public safety, wouldn’t you say?

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs took note of this lawlessness, pointing out that the synagogue in Derbent was torched and reduced to ashes. The local guards didn’t fare any better, ending up as unfortunate casualties. Meanwhile, the synagogue in Makhachkala was peppered with gunfire, though no additional details have emerged. The string of attacks didn’t stop there—churches were targeted in Makhachkala, and a priest in Derbent paid the ultimate price. Thankfully, no Jewish worshipers were present during these attacks, sparing the community from further grief.

As the chaos unfolded, reports started flying in like fireworks on the Fourth of July. The familiar cries of “Allahu Akbar” echoed through Dagestan as bearded, black-clad assailants went on a rampage, turning a quiet Sunday into a scene straight out of a warzone.

The world watches yet again as those who preach tolerance and peace somehow keep finding new ways to spread terror. And the leaders? They’re probably still busy deciding on the appropriate hashtag to express their “deep concerns.”

Written by Staff Reports

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