Half of NH GOP Accepts Biden Win, But Their Fury Burns Hot on Policy

A recent CNN exit poll reveals that Republican voters in New Hampshire are engaged in a contentious debate regarding the legitimacy of President Joe Biden's 2020 election victory. This is an astounding revelation. Although the poll did not provide an exhaustive analysis, it was unexpectedly revealed that around 50% of the Republican voters surveyed hold the view that Biden's victory over Trump was legitimate. Are you serious? That hogwash!

Conservative voters are enraged for reasons beyond the legitimacy of Biden's presidency just now. Additionally, Republican voters in New Hampshire are most concerned about Biden's disastrous open border policies and sluggish management of the economy, according to the poll. Do you know what? This is not a regional concern alone. These concerns reflect the sentiments of patriots across the nation. Without a doubt, the Biden administration's lack of competence is failing to impress anyone.

Furthermore, according to the poll, these astute voters placed greater importance on immigration and the economy, while abortion and foreign policy were unimportant. It is unsurprising, then, that approximately seven out of ten respondents characterized the state of the economy as "not so good" or "plain poor." In addition, approximately half of the respondents supported the deportation of the majority of undocumented immigrants to their country of origin. In addition, in contrast to the liberal haven of Iowa, a substantial majority of New Hampshire voters opposed a federal moratorium on the majority or all abortions. People, the conservative values remain steadfast.

Furthermore, that is not all! Additionally, the exit poll revealed that New Hampshire Republican voters are extremely divided regarding the United States' role in international affairs. Approximately four out of ten individuals prefer a less active role, while three out of ten prefer a more active one; the minority are content with the status quo. It is evident that these electors are committed to policies that prioritize the interests of the United States and are not swayed by globalist agendas.

In addition, the survey findings indicated that a substantial majority of the participants, specifically two-thirds, described themselves as "conservative." Furthermore, a remarkable quarter of the respondents claimed to be "very conservative." A mere one-third of respondents disclosed that they were "moderate." New Hampshire appears to be a state where the conservative ethos is thriving and well.

This profound disclosure derived from the CNN exit poll, which surveyed 1,565 Republican primary voters in New Hampshire from 40 distinct polling locations, has fundamentally transformed the political terrain of the Granite State. These findings, which have a margin of error of 4.0 (as if CNN's margin of error weren't sufficient), have sparked a heated debate among Republican supporters. Conservative voters in New Hampshire are evidently resolute in their convictions, notwithstanding the efforts of the mainstream media to stifle their opinions. This serves as evidence of the conservative movement's tenacity and determination in the face of incessant liberal propaganda. Continue to support the righteous cause, New Hampshire!

Written by Staff Reports

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