Hallie Biden Testifies on Hunter’s Drug Use and Gun Charges in Court

In a federal courtroom in Wilmington, Delaware, Hallie Biden, the former girlfriend and sister-in-law of Hunter Biden, relayed her experiences with Hunter’s past drug use and its potential effects on his conduct.

Hallie, who was married to Hunter’s late brother Beau, testified that smoking crack cocaine could sometimes make Hunter agitated or high-strung but also allow him to function normally at other times. She revealed that she became involved with Hunter in late 2015 or early 2016, during the period when he allegedly made false statements on a federal background check in 2018 to obtain a Colt revolver.

Hunter is facing charges of making untrue statements on the form, denying drug addiction or illegal drug use, and possessing the Colt revolver unlawfully for 11 days. Federal law prohibits individuals addicted to drugs from owning firearms.

Furthermore, Hallie disclosed that she only learned about Hunter’s crack cocaine use after they became romantically involved and discovered drugs at her residence in Wilmington. She also testified that she witnessed Hunter smoking crack and that she had encountered his drug dealers on some occasions.

Hallie confirmed that her decision to discard the gun, purchased by Hunter, initiated the federal investigation and subsequent prosecution. She recounted how Hunter reacted when he discovered that she had thrown away the firearm, expressing anger and frustration in his text messages to her.

While on the stand, Hallie Biden detailed her response to finding the gun and ammunition in Hunter’s car, explaining that in a state of panic, she disposed of them to prevent any potential harm to her children or Hunter. She admitted to feeling flustered and panicked at the time, acknowledging now that her actions were not the best course of action. She testified that Hunter instructed her to retrieve the discarded gun and, when it was not in the trash can, prompt her to file a police report.

The case has garnered public attention due to Hunter Biden’s association with his father, President Joe Biden. The trial raises questions about Hunter’s conduct and the impact of his past drug use on his ability to own a firearm.

This account provides a glimpse into the trial’s proceedings and the revelations made by Hallie Biden, shedding light on the complexities surrounding Hunter’s legal troubles and their broader implications.

Written by Staff Reports

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