Hamas Cries ‘Massacre’ Over Successful Hostage Rescue in Rafah

The Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group, is no stranger to complaining. This time, they are crying foul over the overnight rescue of two Israeli hostages by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They have the audacity to claim that this life-saving operation was a “massacre” in the city of Rafah. Can you believe it?

Now, let’s get the facts straight. The IDF conducted a daring raid into Rafah, even after being warned by none other than President Joe Biden himself. But who cares about warnings when innocent lives are at stake? The IDF did what had to be done to save Fernando Simon Marman, 61, and Louis Har, 70. Yes, there were casualties, but that’s the unfortunate reality in a conflict with terrorists who hide among civilians.

Of course, Hamas is quick to play the blame game, pointing fingers at the US and Prime Minister Netanyahu. They call it a “genocidal war” and complain about the “forced displacement attempts against the Palestinian people.” Spare us the melodrama. Israel is defending itself against a terrorist organization that seeks its destruction. And let’s not forget that Hamas uses its own people as human shields.

As for the death toll, Hamas-run Gazan Health Ministry claims over 100 people have been killed. But they conveniently fail to distinguish between terrorists and civilians. We all know the tactics they employ to manipulate public opinion. Footage of the alleged site of the rescue and battle has been circulated, and it’s clear that the IDF went to great lengths to minimize civilian casualties.

Now, what’s really concerning is that roughly 130 hostages are still being held in Gaza. Rafah is Hamas’s last stronghold, and they have the audacity to say that if Israel attacks, they will stop negotiating for the hostages’ release. What kind of twisted logic is that? It’s clear that Hamas is using the hostages as bargaining chips to ensure their own survival and future attacks on Israel.

In the end, we must commend the IDF for risking their lives to save innocent Israelis. They deserve our support, not baseless complaints from a terrorist organization. Let’s hope that the remaining hostages will be rescued soon, and that Hamas is held accountable for their crimes.

Written by Staff Reports

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