Harris Nearly Calls Biden VP in July Fourth Blunder

Talk about a Fourth of July blunderfest! At a White House event designed to celebrate America’s independence, Vice President Kamala Harris nearly gave the country a collective spit-take when she almost introduced President Joe Biden as, wait for it, the vice president. Close call, Kamala—just what everyone needed, a reminder that the mix-up might stem from a presidential lineup so shaky that even the VP struggles to get it straight.

Surrounded by pomp, circumstance, and military families, Harris caught herself mid-mistake, possibly making for the most entertaining moment before the fireworks even kicked off. She eventually corrected herself to laud the “extraordinary president” Joe Biden, showing that not even White House staff are immune to the frequent guesswork surrounding Biden’s current role and his former life in the Obama administration.

Now, for most folks, slip-ups can happen. But in an administration already bogged down with questions about Biden’s age and mental sharpness, this is kind of like pouring gasoline on a bonfire. Biden’s recent, disastrous debate performance in Atlanta had critics buzzing before the fireworks started, and Harris’s near-gaffe just added more fuel to the fire.

Biden didn’t miss his chance to contribute to the blooper reel. In an interview with a Philadelphia radio station, he managed to mix up his historical achievements, claiming firsts that are about as mixed up as a dog’s breakfast. He proudly, but incorrectly, declared himself the first vice president and first black woman to serve with a black president. Confused yet? So is the public. 

Adding to the comedy of errors, Biden tried flexing his Catholic credentials only to make another gaffe, asserting he was the first president elected statewide in Delaware. Maybe someone should remind him it’s the same position every president has to win in their home state. Despite these stumbles, Biden and his closest allies remain adamant that he’s the man to lead the Democrats into the November elections.

Calls for Biden to step aside are coming in hot, not just from commentators but from within the Democrat Party itself. Multiple House Democrats have signaled that maybe it’s time for fresh blood. But Biden and his team are holding their ground like it’s the Alamo, insisting that he’s in it till the bitter end. 


Not even the pollsters are offering any solace. Fresh off a miserable debate showing, Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump by a margin that seems to be growing wider by the day. According to a New York Times – Siena College poll, Biden now finds himself lagging 6% behind Trump nationally—a significant drop from the 3% gap reported before his debate disaster.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. It seems the more Biden talks, the more the American public—and even his own party—wonders if maybe, just maybe, it’s time for someone else to light the way forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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