Hawley Demands Biden Reveal Spy Balloon Fiasco Secrets

The Senate is currently considering a resolution put forth by Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri. The resolution strongly condemns the Chinese Communist Party for conducting espionage operations within the United States. It conveys the sentiment of the Senate that the Chinese Communist Party’s sending of a surveillance balloon across the US is unacceptable and deserving of condemnation. Additionally, the resolution denounces the Chinese Communist Party’s violation of US airspace for the purpose of conducting surveillance. It affirms that it is the policy of the US to safeguard its sovereignty and the integrity of its airspace from foreign and hostile state actors, particularly the People’s Republic of China, and calls on the President to be transparent with both the American people and Congress regarding this recent spying incident and all other attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to spy on US citizens, territory, and assets.

The existence of the Chinese spy balloon was first reported on February 1st after being observed over Billings, Montana. As it traveled across North America, it gathered data in close proximity to several U.S. missile and nuclear weapons sites. After much consideration, the Biden administration finally sent military aircraft to take down the balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4th. The balloon was equipped with advanced surveillance technology. A military-led salvage operation is now underway to retrieve parts from the Atlantic Ocean and attempt to analyze and understand the spy craft.

In response to this incident, Senator Hawley issued a statement expressing his condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party’s actions and demanding full transparency regarding the specifics of the incident. The House of Representatives also passed a similar resolution, sponsored by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul of Texas, unanimously. This resolution sends a firm message to the CCP and to foreign adversaries that this type of aggression will not be accepted.

During the State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Joe Biden briefly mentioned the incident, characterizing the shooting down of the balloon as a moment of victory. He affirmed his dedication to work with China in areas that benefit both American interests and the world, but emphasized that if China endangers U.S. sovereignty, America will take action to safeguard the nation.

However, some Republicans criticized the Biden administration for taking too long to respond to the threat and for sending a message to the world that America is not strong enough to stand up to China. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas stated that the U.S. should have shot down the balloon as soon as it entered its airspace and that the entire world laughed at President Biden while a Chinese spy balloon hovered over America for more than a week.

The resolution proposed by Senator Hawley and passed by the House of Representatives sends a unified message that America will not tolerate any aggression or espionage attempts by foreign entities. It is now up to the Senate to pass this resolution in order to send a clear message that America will protect its sovereignty and integrity from any foreign or hostile state actors.

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