Historian Predicts Trump Victory in 2024: “It’s his to lose”

As the 2024 presidential race looms on the horizon, the Democratic Party continues to cling to the false hope that their geriatric nominee, Joe Biden, will be able to defeat former President Donald Trump. However, historian Niall Ferguson has some sobering news for the left: Trump’s victory is all but guaranteed.

According to Ferguson, Trump is simply in “Act II” of a traditional play, with “Act III” on its way. In his recent piece for The Spectator, the historian points out that legal challenges do not necessarily preclude a successful presidential bid – just look at the numerous political figures around the world who have made successful comebacks following imprisonment or conviction.

Furthermore, Trump currently stands as the clear frontrunner in the GOP field, with Governor Ron DeSantis lagging far behind. In fact, history has shown that early frontrunners tend to win the Republican primaries in most competitive races since 1972. Exceptions to this rule have been few and far between, with just John McCain in 2008 and Trump himself in 2016 managing to secure their party’s nomination despite not being the early favorites.

If Trump maintains his current polling numbers through the first half of 2023, he would be the highest-polling candidate ever to fail to secure the GOP nomination. Conversely, if DeSantis somehow manages to beat out Trump for the nomination, it would be a bigger upset than Barack Obama’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2008. In other words, the GOP nomination is Trump’s to lose.

But what about a potential matchup between Biden and Trump? Surely the incumbent president would be at a disadvantage, given his lack of popularity and the fact that no president since Calvin Coolidge has secured re-election if a recession has occurred in the two years before the nation votes?

Ferguson is not so sure. He notes that Trump is actually less unpopular now than he was at this point eight years ago, while Biden’s lackluster approval ratings could spell trouble for the Democrats. If a recession does indeed occur, it’s likely that Biden will be out of the running altogether.

In short, the Republican party is poised to take the White House once again in 2024 – and this time, there won’t be any doubt about who the rightful occupant of that office truly is. Let the liberal tears flow.

Written by Staff Reports

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