House Democrats in Disarray Over Biden 2024 Strategy Amid Party Splits

House Democrats gathered this Tuesday, and despite their aim for unity, it turned into a circus of confusion and disarray. While some were shell-shocked, others seemed to ignore the elephant in the room: Is the Democratic Party still rallying behind President Joe Biden for 2024?

After a weak debate performance and a string of blunders that would make any comedian’s day, Democrats on Capitol Hill were left to decide whether Biden’s political career has run its course or if they’ll stick with him in what many anticipate will be a showdown with former President Donald Trump. Spoiler alert: they’re all over the map.

Take Rep. Steve Cohen, for instance. He thinks the party hasn’t decided anything and isn’t even on the same page, or in his words, not even in the same book. Then you have Rep. Stephen Lynch estimating that about 90% of Democrats are backing Biden. But the remaining Democratic majority? They exited the meeting in silence, probably wishing for an early retirement.

A grim review from other Democrats described the meeting as a sad affair, like discussing a beloved relative in decline, evoking scenes more suited to a funeral parlor than a political caucus. Meanwhile, Rep. Jerry Nadler switched from worried whispers to public expressions of support, saying Biden might be their guy, and they all need to fall in line — not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Rep. Glenn Ivey mentioned 30 members talked during the meeting, but in true Democratic fashion, there wasn’t any real discussion, just a slew of monologues. Nobody declared that Biden should step down, meaning they’re either all talk or too scared to say it outright.

Biden even tried shoring up support by dialling into the Congressional Black Caucus meeting, but considering he’s been less than stellar lately, it’s probably more about keeping appearances than inspiring confidence. And threats about party unity echoed through the halls, warning that infighting could weaken Biden further—a thought that seems more laughable by the day, given his current state.

Even as some Democrats vowed that votes matter more than lawmakers’ opinions, the meeting reiterated how fractured the party is. Rep. Lou Correa said primaries matter more than backroom deals, but considering how this party loves those smoke-filled rooms, it seemed like a classic case of looking the other way.

So what’s next for the Democrats? Rep. Jared Huffman thinks they should focus on defeating Trump, but deep down, they probably know they have bigger issues to fix before even thinking about the general election. One thing’s clear: if this keeps up, the Democrats will be in for a rude awakening come November.

Written by Staff Reports

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