House Democrats Pressure Biden to Drop 2024 Bid Amid Growing Doubts

It looks like Democrats are finally waking up to what conservatives have been saying all along: President Joe Biden’s train is coming off the rails. According to an internal scoop, a group of 25 nervous House Democrats are preparing to ask Biden to bow out of the 2024 presidential race if he doesn’t somehow convince them of his suitability in the coming days. Even House Democrat Lloyd Doggett from Texas has gone public, calling for Biden to step down.

The Democratic jitters reached fever pitch after Biden’s less-than-stellar debate performance recently. A House Democratic aide revealed these concerned lawmakers are preparing an intervention if Biden appears shaky, just as Doggett has already suggested. And it’s not just fringe Democrats whispering; more centrist voices with competitive districts feel the heat from their constituents.

One shining example of discontent is Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez from Washington state. She tore apart Biden’s performance and questioned his viability for 2024, hardly mincing words. She noted that millions of Americans were subjected to a debate disaster, predicting Biden’s inevitable loss to Trump. Yet, showing the classic futility of modern Democratic leadership, she simultaneously urged her fellow Dems to accept the nominee, even if it’s the lackluster Biden.

Trying to manage the headache in his own camp, the Biden administration is set to work overtime on damage control. Biden’s strategy includes a sit-down with Democratic governors to shore up some badly needed assurances. Meanwhile, a damning internal poll and Trump’s delayed sentencing add more wrinkles to an already turbulent week for Biden.

But folks, the drama doesn’t end there. Doggett has become the first active House Democrat to flat out ask Biden to step aside. Citing his inability to effectively challenge Trump, Doggett’s statement couldn’t hide the obvious – Biden lacks the spark and drive needed to lead. It’s a respectful but clear call for Biden to pack his bags and leave the race.

While Democrats wrestle with their self-inflicted wounds, conservatives can sit back with a bucket of popcorn, witnessing the implosion from the sidelines. The tides are turning, and it appears even Biden’s own party is starting to doubt whether their 2020 champion can stay upright through another grueling election cycle.

Written by Staff Reports

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