House GOP Rebels Challenge Speaker Johnson Over Foreign Aid Plan

Eleven sassy Republicans in the House were not having any of the establishment’s shenanigans when they dared to challenge the leadership of Speaker Mike Johnson. These fierce GOP members, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, weren’t about to just sit back and let things slide.

They said “No way!” to tabling the motion to oust Speaker Johnson from his comfy throne. The vote was a whopping 359-43, with seven House folks just deciding to play it safe and vote “present.”


The conservative crew led by Greene was not pleased with Speaker Johnson’s actions, especially his proposal for a hefty $95 billion foreign aid package. This proposed package sent a big chunk of change to places like Israel, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific. The Republican rebels felt like Johnson was cozying up too much to the Democrats and President Biden.

Greene and her sidekick, Massie, even had a pow-wow with Speaker Johnson that lasted a marathon three hours. They wanted to make sure Johnson knew they meant business and were not backing down. But even after all the talks, Greene was not impressed, saying she was still “patient” and “diligent” and nothing had changed.

While Greene and Massie were fuming after the meeting, Johnson tried to cool the flames by saying he wanted to push more conservative policies. He claimed the Republicans were walking a tightrope with the slimmest majority in U.S. history.

When grilled by a reporter about Greene’s proposed accountability measures, Johnson played it cool, saying it’s not a negotiation, just business as usual. He made it clear he’s open to ideas from all House members, which is just what any good leader would say, right?

Written by Staff Reports

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