House Oversight Blasts Biden for Using Hunter as Campaign Advisor Amid Scandals

Looks like the circus is back in Washington, if one can call it that. The House Oversight Committee recently took a swing at President Joe Biden in response to a New York Times article revealing he’s been tapping his well-acquainted son, Hunter Biden, for political advice on his reelection campaign. It seems when the going gets tough, Joe turns to none other than his scandal-ridden offspring for guidance—because why not consult the man with a laundry list of nefarious dealings and indictments?

The Times report draws a vivid picture of the Biden family drama, recounting how Hunter Biden, despite his infamous past, was among the staunchest defenders urging his father to stay in the race following an underwhelming debate performance. The House Oversight Committee, naturally fed up with the endless Biden soap opera, couldn’t resist pointing out the absurdity of this scenario. According to the committee’s social media post, the president is leaning on Hunter, who boasts a “resume” filled with lucrative dealings with China and Russia, dodging federal scrutiny with dad’s help, and generally playing fast and loose with the law.

To highlight Hunter’s exemplary credentials, the committee laid it all out: millions made from foreign entities by allegedly peddling access to Papa Biden, an attempted prosecution for lying to Congress, tax crime charges, and a conviction for fibbing about drug use on a federal firearm background form. They even threw in Hunter’s admitted business alliances with people tied to the Chinese Communist Party for good measure.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the House Oversight Committee, who further roasted the Biden family by sharing a screenshot of the report in question. For anyone keeping score at home, it essentially confirms what every conservative already suspects—the Bidens are a tangled mess of corruption and bad choices.

Now, in a world where the blind lead the blind, it’s only fitting the president would rely on his son, who just wants America to see a scrappy and commanding version of his father. Hunter’s plea demonstrates a profound denial of reality. Instead, Americans are continuously presented with a president who fumbles through sentences and handles public appearances like a deer caught in headlights.

Hunter Biden, already a magnet for Republican scrutiny, continues to provide ample ammunition with his questionable antics. His recent firearm purchase fib stands as a testament to his ongoing disregard for the law. The Biden administration might try to paint him as a misunderstood sage, but to conservatives, he remains a walking, talking example of what’s wrong with Washington—the poster child of nepotism wrapped in controversy and bad decisions.

Written by Staff Reports

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