This Is How The Pentagon Answers The Freedom Of Information Act For An mRNA Exemption

Master Sergeant Nick Kupper of the Air Force is battling for his freedom to defy the Pentagon’s directive to get experimental emergency use permission mRNA injections. He has worked for 19 years and is one year away from retiring, which means he could be made to leave. He quickly received a denial for his plea for a religious exemption.

His request for a temporary injunction was granted.

Master Sgt. Kupper complained to the appropriate parties, alleging that the Air Force broke protocol. The procedure for the mRNA mandate exemption was done without the chain of command. The complaint he afterwards submitted to the Inspector General was promptly dismissed. Reporter Jordan Schachtel claims that when they closed his case, their office informed him that he had to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in order to view their conclusions.

This is the piece of the response to that FOIA he received this week that is pertinent.

Many service personnel who choose not to receive the vaccination, according to Air Force Master Sgt. Kupper, feel terrified and alone. “I have honestly been extremely fearful with the steep rise in suicides. I’ve seen across the DOD that some of these members may take their life waiting for it to do the right thing… which it may never do,”

How do you feel? They don’t have a case, or since they are no longer required, they don’t care. Fighting without knowledge will be challenging.

The Biden Department of Defense has low regard for those who have given their country 19 years of service.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

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