Hunter Biden’s Law License Suspended Amid Felony Gun Charges

The D.C. Court of Appeals finally found some backbone and suspended Hunter Biden’s license to practice law due to his felony convictions on gun charges. The move gets the ball rolling on a formal proceeding that will delve into Hunter’s sordid criminal activities and set the stage for more lasting consequences.

Chief Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby declared that the investigation needs to determine whether Biden’s crime “involves moral turpitude.” Well, it doesn’t take a law degree to figure out there’s no moral high ground in toting a gun while dabbling in illegal drugs.

Earlier this month, a federal jury in Delaware slapped Biden with three counts related to his purchase and possession of a firearm while under the influence of unlawful drugs. This wasn’t the first time Hunter’s professional credentials faced scrutiny. Wayne L. Johnson, a retired Navy commander and former Judge Advocate General Corps member, spearheaded one such challenge, making it clear that no bar association—D.C. or any other—should tarnish its ranks with someone of Hunter’s ilk.

Despite the damning conviction, D.C. bar records showed Hunter, listed under his full name Robert H. Biden, was still in “good standing” as recently as Wednesday afternoon. Under bar rules, felony convictions trigger an automatic suspension because, shocking to some, all felonies are considered “serious crimes.” So, once the Court got the memo about Hunter’s run-in with the law, they had to issue an order suspending him ASAP, beginning the formal process to decide his final punishment.

Hunter, who hasn’t even been sentenced yet for his gun charges, is already scrambling to overturn his convictions on several legal grounds. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also walking into another federal trial for tax evasion. It’s a wonder he finds any time for his newfound passion as an artist.

Biden might have attended Yale Law School and dipped his toes in business, including a controversial stint with a Ukrainian energy firm in 2014 when his dad was vice president. But it appears now his legal career and shady dealings are catching up with him.

Written by Staff Reports

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