Hunter’s Own Lawers Just EXPOSED The Bidens Laptop Lies!

Hunter Biden's lawyers are calling on state and federal prosecutors to investigate individuals who they believe are responsible for the unauthorized access and dissemination of his client's private data.

Over two years since the New York Post first reported on Joe Biden's potential presidential run, the approach he took is being called his most aggressive yet.

In letters to the federal and state authorities, Joe Biden’s lawyers asked them to investigate individuals who may have acquired his private data. Some of the data may have come from a computer he claimed to have left in April 2019. They also noted that a number of these individuals violated various laws, including making false statements to the Congress and accessing and disseminating the stolen property.

In letters to the prosecutors, Biden's lawyers stated that the actions described in the reports merit a full investigation. They also requested that the individuals who were responsible for the leak be prosecuted.

The lawyers are also focused on John Paul Isaac, the owner of a computer repair shop who claims that he received the leaked materials from Biden in April 2019, and he has since written a book.

The lawyers also requested that the prosecutors investigate the individuals who were given the material by Mac Isaac and then distributed it. These include Rudy Giuliani, his lawyer Robert Costello, and Stephen K.Bannon, who helped facilitate the initial news coverage of the leak.

The lawyers for Hunter Biden also named Jack Maxey, who reportedly provided the material to multiple news outlets, as well as individuals who have posted the data on their websites. They additionally noted that Yaacov Apelmu, a former aide to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, helped create an image of Biden's hard drive.

The legal actions taken by Biden's lawyers have been instrumental in breaking down the false Russian propaganda disseminated by the left over the years.

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