Huy Fong Halts Sriracha Production, Faces Shortages Amid Supply Woes

Huy Fong Foods, a popular company in California famous for its sriracha sauce, is facing potential shortages of their product as they have stopped making the spicy sauce until after Labor Day. The company explained that they are experiencing a problem with the color of the sauce due to using green chili peppers in their production.

The shortage doesn’t just affect their sriracha sauce, but also their chili garlic. This is not the first time Huy Fong has experienced a shortage, as they had a similar issue back in 2022. The company’s supply problems are linked to their decision to end their contract with Underwood Ranches, which grows jalapenos and has since started producing their own sriracha sauce. To make matters worse, Huy Fong was found to have breached their contract with Underwood Ranches, resulting in a hefty $23 million penalty.

These supply issues are occurring at a crucial time, as jalapenos, the main ingredient in sriracha, are typically at their best between mid-July and October. The Washington Examiner tried to reach out to Underwood Ranches for their perspective on the matter, but they were unable to provide a comment.

As Huy Fong Foods faces potential shortages, fans of their famous sriracha sauce may need to brace themselves for a temporary scarcity of their beloved condiment.

Written by Staff Reports

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