ICE Nabs MS-13 Gangster Who Should’ve Been Deported – The Danger of Our Broken Immigration System!

Yee-haw! Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) just scored another victory against illegal immigration by nabbing an MS-13 gang member who was supposed to be deported. Talk about getting the bad guys off our streets!

This 24-year-old troublemaker from El Salvador thought he could sneak into America back in 2014. Well, guess what? ICE knows how to do their job, and they caught him entering illegally in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. Instead of being sent back where he came from, the feds gave him a court date (like he would actually show up) and transferred him to the Department of Health and Human Services. Seriously, how about we start prioritizing American citizens over these illegal aliens?

But the story gets even worse. This guy’s mommy lived in Rockville, Maryland, so they handed him over to her. Yeah, that’s right, they let him loose in our own backyard! And what did this criminal do? He decided to join the infamous MS-13 gang. Their motto is “kill, rape, control.” Nice, real nice. It’s just what our country needs, more delinquents with violent tendencies.

To make matters even more infuriating, this thug got arrested not once, but twice by the Montgomery County Police Department. The first time, it was for assault and weapons violations. Apparently, he thought he could just go around causing trouble and waving guns like it’s the Wild West. Luckily, the charges were sent to juvenile court because, you know, it’s not like he’s a grown adult or anything.

But wait, it gets worse. In 2022, the Montgomery County Police arrested this guy again, this time for firearms violations. Way to learn your lesson, buddy. And what was the punishment? A measly five years in prison with only one year served! They might as well be giving him a slap on the wrist and sending him on his merry way. Our justice system needs a serious wake-up call.

Thankfully, ICE finally stepped in and did what needed to be done. They arrested this MS-13 member at his home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Good riddance, I say! He’s now in federal custody and will hopefully be swiftly deported. We can’t afford to keep harboring criminals who have proven time and time again that they have no regard for our laws or our safety.

Let’s give a shoutout to ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Baltimore Field Office Director Darius Reeves for speaking the truth. He called this Salvadoran troublemaker a “significant threat” to our communities, and he’s absolutely right. We need more law enforcement officials like him who prioritize public safety over political correctness.

Folks, this story is a prime example of why we need to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. MS-13 is just one gang among many that are taking advantage of our porous borders and wreaking havoc in our communities. It’s time we put America first and take a stand against illegal immigration. And if you think otherwise, well, you might want to reconsider your priorities.

Written by Staff Reports

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