Illegal Immigrants Cost US $150 Billion Annually, Strain State Budgets

A recent analysis by the House Budget Committee revealed that each illegal immigrant costs the United States more per year than the average food stamp recipient or Medicaid beneficiary. The total net cost to the U.S. is more than $150 billion annually, with a large portion of that money going towards educating children who are in the country illegally or whose parents are unauthorized immigrants.

According to the analysis, state and local governments bear a significant portion of this financial burden, spending over $73 billion a year on education, nearly $22 billion on law enforcement, and almost $19 billion on medical care for illegal immigrants and their families. This places a heavy strain on the resources of state and local governments, forcing them to either cut services to their citizens or raise taxes.

Chairman Jodey Arrington, a Texas Republican, emphasized the disproportionate impact on state and local governments, highlighting the challenge they face in addressing the needs of their own residents while dealing with the costs of illegal immigration. He cited the example of Kinney County, Texas, which has experienced a surge in criminal charges and strained resources due to the influx of illegal immigrants.

The analysis also revealed that while illegal immigrants contribute around $32 billion in tax revenue, the total gross cost of illegal immigration, including law enforcement, education, medical care, and welfare programs, amounts to $182 billion. This results in a net cost of $150 billion, a significant increase from previous estimates.

Mr. Arrington stressed the need for investment in immigration enforcement and border security, pointing out that the annual cost of illegal immigration is almost twice the expenditure on the Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, concerns were raised about the additional benefits granted to some illegal immigrants, such as access to Obamacare and its tax subsidies.

Conservatives have expressed worries about the surge of illegal immigrants, citing concerns about high-profile crimes committed by illegal immigrants and national security issues. The analysis underscores the ongoing debate around the financial, social, and security implications of illegal immigration in the United States.

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