Iowa State Fairgoers Said Biden is ‘Too Old’ to Run in 2024, Citing Soaring Inflation

Voters in Iowa have expressed concern about growing inflation and the cost of gasoline as we move towards the midterm elections.

Independent of whether they support the current president or not, citizens at the Iowa State Fair tell Fox News Digital that rising inflation is the primary concern that will motivate them to cast a ballot in the upcoming midterm elections, and that President Biden is "too old" to run for another term in office.

David told Fox News Digital that he intends to vote for candidates who would aid Iowans and criticized the policies enacted by the Biden administration, particularly those that were implemented during the pandemic.

I believe that the government of President Joe Biden has botched up a number of programs, particularly those that have come out of COVID. Even though Trump was in office at the early stages of the COVID outbreak, Biden has been responsible for a greater number of fatalities than Trump has as David explained it.

David responded that he believes Biden is "far too old" to run for president in 2024 when he was asked his opinion on the matter.

Even if people agree with his beliefs, I believe that he is getting much too old to continue doing it. I believe that a significant number of Dems would be better served by voting for someone who is both more competent to hold that post and has better policies after that, David continued.

Another voter from Iowa stated that the economy is the primary reason why he will be participating in the midterm elections.

Another potential voter, Greg, mentioned reduced fuel prices as the primary cause that would motivate him to vote in the next midterm elections. Greg stated that he thought he was in a better position financially under the Trump administration than he would have been under the Biden administration.

Greg responded with "no" when he was asked if President Biden ought to compete for re-election in 2024.

He stated, I can't really tell ya, I don't know whether anybody would do any better actually.  But based on how things have transpired so far, it appears as though he is not making an adequate effort or not pursuing the appropriate opportunities.

Dave said in an interview with Fox News Digital that we're so messed up right now, and that the primary problem is inflation and how we're simply making it worse. 

Mary stated that she was in a better position emotionally and financially under Trump, whereas Dave stated that we will be better off with the next president, certainly not Biden.

Mary expressed her belief that it was unlikely that Biden would be able to seek reelection in the future.

Dave expressed his doubt that President Biden is in charge of the country at the present time, saying, I do not even think he's running it right now."

Despite the fact that they were better off during Biden's tenure, Phillip and Mallory, both of Iowa, have stated that they do not wish for him to run for president in 2024.

No, because of his advanced years. He needs to immediately stand aside and endorse someone else, They mentioned it to Fox News Digital.

Pam and Doug told Fox News Digital that they are better off under Biden, saying without a question that he's getting stuff done for people without a bunch of scandal and hoopla saying how great he is. Pam and Doug also said that he's getting things done for the people without a bunch of hoopla saying how great he is.

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