Is This the Real Reason America Is Falling Apart?

It’s no coincidence that America’s decline began when they stripped away the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer from our schools. These simple acts of patriotism and faith were cornerstones of our education system, fostering a sense of unity and moral grounding in our youth. Now, our schools are overrun with moral relativism and lack of respect for authority, leading to a breakdown in discipline and academic standards.

For decades, the Pledge and school prayer were integral to the daily routine, reminding students of their duties to their country and their Creator. But in the name of "separation of church and state," these traditions were deemed outdated and unconstitutional. Since then, we’ve seen a steady rise in school violence, lower academic performance, and a complete erosion of American values.

The Pledge of Allegiance instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in students, reminding them daily of the principles that built this great nation. Meanwhile, a moment of prayer encouraged reflection, humility, and a connection to something greater than themselves. Without these practices, schools have become breeding grounds for disrespect, entitlement, and moral ambiguity.

Written by Staff Reports

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